Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Beside The Seaside (With free cross-stitch charts)

This is an easy-to-make cross-stitch hanging of some colourful beach-huts, to brighten up any room, and bring back memories of sunny summer seaside holidays (and as the temperature has barely risen above freezing here all day, we could definitely do with reminding!)

You will need a piece of 14ct Aida approx 60cm x 20cm, a pair of bell-pull hangers or similar, a piece of iron-on interfacing approx 51cm x12cm (the finished dimensions of the hanging) and assorted embroidery threads to match your own colour scheme.

I left approx 18 squares of Aida between the top of one beach hut and the bottom of the next, and used 2 strands of thread for everything apart from the outlining. The handles of the bucket and spade were sewn on afterwards, using large straight stitches.

Top Beach Hut

Middle Beach Hut

Bottom Beach Hut

To finish off, I folded the excess at the sides over, and secured with iron-on hemming web, then folded the excess at the top and bottom over and ironed it flat. Insert the bell pull hangers into the creases top and bottom, and pin into place, then secure with a row of cross stitch using one of the colours used for the beach huts. Finally, cut the interfacing  a few millimetres smaller than your finished hanging, and iron onto the reverse, covering the excess at the sides, and the raw edges of the top and bottom.

The design can also be used horizontally as well as vertically - try doing two rows of three in various colours, and making a  rectangular cushion, or framing it as a picture!


  1. I like this! Thank you for the free chart and including finishing instructions. Merry Christmas!