Thursday, 3 January 2013

An Embroidered Notebook

One of the most difficult parts of crafting is finding fresh ways to use old techniques. Many needlecraft companies are experiencing a surge in sales of kits for cushions, tea cosies and other three-dimensional items, and a cursory glance at any craft magazine will attest to the trend. But what happens when you want a small project, something quick to stitch, maybe to give as a gift?
Well, you could try stitching a notebook. A small cross-stitch motif or simple blackwork pattern can turn an ordinary Moleskine journal into a work of art worthy to hold all your crafty ideas and sketches. The best part? The Moleskine cahiers are available with plain, lined and squared paper inside, so when you’re done, you can use your journal to plan your next projects.

Once you’ve got your notebook, you’ll need a piece of squared paper or graph paper to use as a grid. Cut this to size and glue it to the inside of the front cover, leaving a small margin of blank space.

Next, take a sharp pin and pierce where the lines on the paper intersect. I embedded mine in some Blue-Tac to save my finger, but if you have a glass-headed pin you may not need to.

Once you’ve pierced your holes, you can stitch your design as normal. I chose to place my blackwork design in the centre of the cover, but a small cross-stitch motif to the bottom right corner would look classy too – maybe an initial? Here’s the pattern I used; luckily the repeats fit neatly in the space available.

Lastly, stitch your border around the outside if desired and cover the back of your stitching. I used double-sided tape and the front page of the journal to hide the messy back of mine – I found it easiest to pull the film off the double-sided tape and simply close the book to secure it. If you don’t want to use the front page, you could cut a piece of thin card to fit.

There! A journal fit for an artist, ready for bright ideas.


  1. Love this! Would you mind if I put a link to this on my blog and use one of your photos?

    1. Not at all, as long as there is a link, that's fine :)

  2. Thank you! Here is the post.

  3. This is beautiful, I do love blackwork. Unfortunately Moleskins are very expensive over here, I think I' have to make a notebook cover

  4. I have been "covering" notebooks for a while now. I just never thought of doing it like this. Thank you so very much. I usually recover the fronts with scrapbook paper. I love this idea. If you can think it up, it can be done!

  5. Thanks for the most lovely idea. Been looking for a way to embellish my Tablet cover. Don't think I can pierce through the cover itself, but I can do this on fabric and somehow mount it on. Now off to find fabric.