Monday, 18 November 2013

Cool For Cats... (part 2) Bandanas For Beginners

Hot on the heels of our cat bow-tie tutorial, we now have another idea for turning your cat into a fashion icon - Cat bandanas!

Like the bow-ties, these are also fairly inexpensive and quick to make. You can either buy a full-sized bandana to cut down (in which case you'll have enough fabric to make four or five and share them with your friends) or any scraps of leftover cotton fabric that you may have.

If you're using a full sized bandana, the first thing you'll need to do is remove some of the edge. most bandanas have well over an inch of fabric between the border and the hem, and unless you trim it, as you're only using a small part of the patterned section, you'll lose some of the bandana print. 

So, first, fold over the hem of the bandana to the point where you want your hem to be, and iron it so you form a well defined crease.

Then, trim off some of the excess edge, making sure you leave enough to fold over and form a new hem, using your ironed crease as a guide-line.

Then fold the edge back under along the crease line and lay your bandana (or piece of fabric) flat. If using a full sized bandana, you will be working with the corners to utilise the pattern and give the look of a normal, folded bandana when worn. For any other piece of fabric, you may wish to make yourself a template first. You will need to cut a piece that looks like this...

Next, fold the raw edges from point B to point C and stitch to form your new hem.

Then, turn the raw edges between points A & B inwards and secure. This will give a nice neat edge to the channel you are about to create, where your cat's collar will fit.

Finally, ensuring that there is enough room to easily insert the clasp of your cat's collar at either end, turn over the top edge of the bandana  so that point A matches up with point B on either side, and sew along the edge, right across the bandana.

And there you have your finished bandana - just thread your collar* through the channel and add a cat!

(if using a full sized bandana, as well as the four corners, you should also be able to make a fifth bandana from the centre part of the fabric. (see above right)

*As with  the bow-ties in our previous post, we recommend only using the bandanas on collars with a quick-release 'breakaway' clasp as shown below.

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  1. these r so cute. i just got a sewing machine for xmas and i think this will be the first thing i sew with it. thanks for sharing,and making the instructions easy to follow.