Saturday, 16 November 2013

Cool For Cats...Pussycat Bows

Here's an easy and inexpensive way to make sure your cat is the best dressed feline in your street this Christmas, just like our model, Milo!

All you will need is a scrap of soft cotton fabric approx 9" (23cms) square, and some matching thread. You can easily sew the bow-ties by hand, or with a sewing machine.

First cut a square of fabric 4" (10cms) square, adding a little extra at each edge for seam allowance, and fold the square in half, right side facing inwards.

Then, stitch along the longest edge of the folded fabric 

Turn the fabric right side out, and arrange so that the seam line is approx 2/3 of the way down the flattened  'tube'. Then turn the raw edges at either end of the tube in on themselves, and sew closed (see below)

This will form the main part of the bow-tie. Now you'll need to make the 'knot' at the centre. From your scrap of fabric, cut a piece approximately 2.5 inches (6cms) by 4 inches (10cms). Fold it in half lengthways, with the right-side facing inwards, and sew  down the long edge. Then turn right side out, as before, and flatten with the seam line in the middle.

Take the main body of the bow-tie, and with the wrong side/back of the bow tie facing you, lay the long piece you have just made right-side/front upwards on top, at the centre, turning in the raw edges as you do so. The strip should end slightly above the seam line of the larger piece. Then sew through ALL layers of both pieces (two rows of stitching will ensure it won't come undone) The stitching  you will see on the front of the bow-tie won't be noticeable once the 'knot' is in place.

Your bow-tie should then look like this...

Obviously, the long thin part of the bow-tie is much longer than necessary, but this makes it easier to sew, and gives you plenty of room for adjustment for your final 'knot'

Once you've got an idea of how much length you actually need, cut off the excess, and turn the raw edges in on themselves. Pin the end to the rest of the bow, and then make sure you can get the clasp of your cat's collar through gap that's left.

Once you're happy with how it looks, remove the collar, & simply stitch the loose edge to the attached part of the knot

Once it's finished and secured, re-thread the collar* through the back, and it's ready to wear!

*SAFETY NOTE: We recommend ONLY using a quick-release or 'breakaway' collar for wearing any type of cat-accessory. Should the bow-tie become caught on anything while your cat is playing, a collar with a catch like the one below will quickly come undone and prevent serious injury or stress to your pet. Under NO circumstances would we advocate threading the bows onto ribbon, or cord, and tying them around your cat's neck.

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